Care For Us

The main project of Care Association is the Care For Us social media platform, designed to connect people for sharing residential property, and for sharing goods and pro bono services.  The project concept initially began with the goal of providing goods and services to those in need.

With the pre-existing critical need for housing, and with California wildfires destroying thousands of homes in 2018, we have prioritized the sharing of residences in an effort to meet the demand for affordable housing, starting in Northern California.

How It Will Work

Users in need of affordable housing must build their profiles, or biographies.  Similar to GoFundMe, they will be encouraged to post videos and images to enhance their stories.  Their stories may be edified by recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues.  An optional widget will provide a glimpse into how they live.

Homeowners with available space — rooms, in-law units, or apartments — may search for a potential tenant.  By the Federal Housing Act, they may choose who they would like as tenants provided there are no more than four units on the property on which they live.  If a homeowner finds someone who seems like a good fit, they can connect on the site.