Ways to Help

  1. Donate goods (in the San Francisco Bay Area).

In January 2019, we became a partner at the Community Thrift Store at 623 Valencia Street in San Francisco. Bring your unwanted but salable clothes, furniture, housewares, tools, art, and electronics to the shop during the day 10am-5pm any day of the week including weekends. Tell them you want to support Care Association. Please do not bring items that are not salable as listed on their website.

  1. Donate money.

We prefer PayPal and Facebook for donations, because they have the best returns for credit card processing. But we also accept credit cards without needing a PayPal account through the PayPal user interface. We also accept checks mailed to Care Association, c/o Kiai Kim, PO Box 14471, San Francisco, CA 94114.

There are costs for operations, including web hosting, California state fees, cloud storage, servers, but no payroll (we are currently all volunteers).

We are also raising money for security deposits. The plan is for it is to be a single source for multiple households that have poor credit scores due to unfortunate financial problems or who simply don’t have the funds needed for a security deposit. Think of it like insurance.

The Care For Us project is our primary program. For now, our current operations cover development of the project since we have volunteers helping build the site. But as we grow, we will need better tech, which means better servers, which means more cost.

Future projects are in the works including a program for helping people overcome microaggressions. Microaggressions may seem unrelated to housing, but they affect people in all areas of their lives.

We are also exploring affordable housing development.

  1. Volunteer.

Care Association currently has no one on payroll. We are all volunteers. It takes more time and more planning, but we are doing it. We need help with marketing, communications, web development, back-end engineering, Salesforce administration, volunteer management, and fundraising.

  1. Follow and Share.

Tweet, ‘gram, post, and share articles on social media. Email your contacts and tell them about us. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Recommend us on Nextdoor.

  1. Shop through smile.Amazon.com and choose Care Association.

To find us, type “Care Association.” We are about 11 organizations down the list.

  1. Sell something on eBay.

Visit our eBay charity page and click Add to My Favorites. Then choose Care Association to donate part or all of your sales.

Thank you!

We appreciate your support and wish the very best to you and yours.